Neda is an educator, leadership coach, mentor, and advocate. Her personal mission is to encourage others to realize (and celebrate) their potential within, and to break down the barriers they may encounter on the journey to achieving their dreams. Neda has extensive experience in career coaching, teaching career courses, and facilitating professional development workshops. She leverages her strength-based leadership philosophy and blended experiences to inspire others to find fulfillment and purpose in a world obsessed with defining success for them. “What Matters to Me and Why” encourages reflection about values, beliefs and motivations in the lives of those who shape our university. The series explores personal journeys – choices made, difficulties encountered, commitments formed and joys revealed – with the hope that these stories will help us to understand diverse pathways in life, work and leadership.
Featuring PBK Member Neda Moayedi, Director, SAGE Scholars Program | January 19, 12:00PM
Recording available soon!