Neda Moayedi is an educator, leadership coach, mentor, and advocate. Her personal mission is to encourage others to realize (and celebrate) their potential within, and to break down the barriers they may encounter on the journey to achieving their dreams. Neda has extensive experience in career coaching, teaching career courses, and facilitating professional development workshops. She leverages her strength-based leadership philosophy and blended experiences to inspire others to find fulfillment and purpose in a world obsessed with defining success for them.

In addition to career services, Neda’s areas of expertise include strength-based leadership, leadership development, self-discovery and self-empowerment, mindfulness, resilience, positive psychology, and growth mindset. She is committed to training and supporting leaders in the exploration of mindfulness and authenticity, along with the fundamentals of leadership excellence.

She has a long-standing mindfulness and meditation practice, which she infuses into the classroom and her coaching sessions. Neda is dedicated to empowering others to thrive by sharing a combination of wellness strategies, which include variety of resources, tools, and practices for students to create their own definition and roadmap to success. She is a proud UC Irvine alumna and the director of the SAGE Scholars Program.